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ICONZ Magazine

iconz magazine

About Us

ICONZ Magazine is a registered Product of ICONZ Uganda. The word “ICONZ” is derived from “ICONS” which simply means “CELEBRITIES” or “IDOLS”, in simpler terms meaning “FAMOUS PEOPLE”.

The Magazine takes an in-depth focus on various ICONS in their respective industries. We bring you the latest, best and most entertaining articles around the Globe with strong consideration given to National (Ugandan) news.

The main aim and purpose of this magazine is to give unlimited inspiration to the youths and adults as they read and keep up with news and interesting articles about their favourate ICONS irrespective of their industies.

We believe with ICONZ Magazine, we can make alot of change in people, and inspire them to become what they want to be through reading about their Mentors, and also keep you busy with interesting, educating, most recent, inspirational articles among other articles.


Please not that we do not offer any print-outs at the moment. The magazine is an online magazine which is absolutely free and accessible to everyone.