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Women: Eating these foods will make you get Pregnant easily

get Pregnant easily

Nowadays conception becomes harder and harder each day and could get worse as time goes on. This is simply because of the environment and lifestyle even in young children. Very many women are exposed to activities that could reduce their chances of conceiving when the right time comes. Well despite the lifestyle, you can still make a change by enhancing your diet with foods that are claimed to boost fertility in both men and woman.

Georgia James of Huffington Post lists down some of the 5 foods that will help you conceive faster.


The magic nutrient: Vitamin B6. This is one of the most important vitamins in aiding conception as it regulates the hormones. A B6 deficiency can lead to irregular menstruation and can also lead to poor egg and sperm development.


The magic nutrient: Vitamin D. A study by Yale University took Vitamin D measurements from 67 infertile women and found that only 7% of them had normal vitamin D levels, while the other 93% had either insufficient of clinical deficiency. They also found that none of the patients with PCOS had normal vitamin


The magic nutrient: Zinc. Increasing zinc levels in infertile men has been shown to boost sperm levels, improve the form, function and quality of male sperm and decrease male fertility. For women, a lack of zinc can lead to an imbalance of oestrogen and progesterone.


The magic nutrient: Selenium. This mineral produces antioxidants that protect the eggs and sperm from free radicals. It can help prevent chromosome breakage, which is known to cause birth defects and miscarriages. Research also suggests that selenium may also make sperm more fertile.

Citrus fruit

The magic nutrient: Vitamin C. A study in which infertile men were given 1,000mg of vitamin C twice daily, found that their sperm count and motility (their ability to move properly towards an egg) were improved. The vitamin is also said to improve hormone balance in women